Many businesses are obliged to use external services concerning payroll matters. Our company ensures full confidentiality, cost efficiency and high quality services.

The payroll services include:

  • calculation and preparation of pay slips for employees,
  • settlement of civil law agreements (e.g. service agreements),
  • preparation electronic bank transfers of net amount of payments,
  • preparation of monthly employees’ report (RMUA),
  • calculation of monthly Personal Income Tax advance,
  • preparation of an annual Personal Income Tax return,
  • preparation of monthly social security (ZUS) declarations,
  • timely delivery of the above tax return forms and social security declarations to the related authorities,
  • registration of the employer for social security purposes and at other authorities,
  • registration of the employee for social security purposes,
  • liaison with a client’s statutory auditors and the tax authorities,
  • maintenance (in accordance with the Polish Labour Code) of employee files and documentation connected to employment,
  • information regarding the necessity of obligatory medical checks-ups,
  • information about the necessity to conduct obligatory health and safety-at-work legislation training,
  • record of due holidays and other work absences,
  • report preparation for Government Statistical Office (GUS),
  • notification of legal changes in connection with maintaining employees’ personal documentation.